Sorry no Pictures

So a couple of weeks ago I got to do a quick trip to Crete, Greece, then to Germany. unfortunately I didn’t take my camera.

Crete is amazingly beautiful, we were very near the city of Chania which is on the north-west tip of the island. While in the island we didn’t get to do much sight-seeing except for the evening excursions for dinner into Chania which has an amazing market district that has every type of vendor imaginable. Sure there were those that had the regular tourist swag like nick-knacks and what-nots, but there were also leather vendor that hand crafted bags that were absolutely amazing. Indiana Jones looking satchels as well as wallets and purses and man purses too. Jewelry stores that have everything from cheap costume jewelry to unique pearl or amethyst necklaces, bracelets and ear rings.  While at any open market you should come ready to bargain, don’t try too hard at this one, if you low ball them they are more than willing to let you walk away.

Our first dinner out was at an open air restaurant called “Semiramis” and i figured “when in Greece” (like “When in Rome”), I should have Greek food.  I ordered Lamb.  I have eaten Lamb before but this was so delicious I might be ruined for it forever.  After dinner in Greece it is custom for them to bring you either Ouzo or Raki, both with the capacity to launch rockets into low earth orbit.  Raki is the equivalent of Greek Mescal Tequila.

After Crete I went to Germany for a short training session and spent a couple short days there.  It was very picturesque but I arrived right at the start of the fall season so it was a bit damp.  I didn’t get out much except for a bazzaar that was organized on Ramstein Air Base, to hangers full of vendors from all over Europe were there.  Mostly German artisans and wood workers of amazing talent.  I picked up a few trinkets for family.  After that my group went out for Chinese food and talked for a couple hours, then caught a plane the next morning for our home.

The trips were so short that I barely got to see much at all.  I will be heading to the Bronte Pistacchio festival here in Sicily and it promises to be an interesting day.  My son loves pistacchios and I like them pretty well too.  So the whole family is driving up to the base of Mt Etna to check this out.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

I will remember to bring the camera this time.

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